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Care Groups

life groups.


Current Life Groups

Life Group

Every other Tuesday


7pm @ Zach & Naomi's

in Langham

Psalm 23

by Matt Chandler

Led by Zach & Chad

Meeting at LBC

5:30pm | Bi-Weekly

Psalm 119

with Matt Chandler

Saints Alive
Life Group

Meeting at LBC

My Heart's Desire

Sundays @ 9:30am | Weekly

Sunday Evening
Life Group

Prayer Meeting

Meeting at LBC 

Thursdays @ 7pm | Weekly

Monday Evening
Life Group

Meeting @ Brad & Shelley's

                                     in Warman


by Dave Cornes

7pm | Bi-weekly

The Life Group ministry encourages individuals to meet in "circles" rather than "rows." We believe that a smaller, more intimate gathering of believers is the best representation of the body of Christ as the members are more able to interact dynamically with each other, using the gifts that they have been given to build up the body of Christ. We are able to get to know one another better, pray for specific individual and family concerns, meet the physical needs for each other, and encourage and hold each other accountable.

If you are not a part of one of our Life Groups, but would like to plug in, contact one of our leaders, or contact the office

We'd love to you have you!


men + women.

Click here to view our Upcoming Events.

If you would like more info, contact the office.



Youth Grades 7-12 meet weekly || Friday nights from 7-9pm

For up to date info on upcoming weekly events, visit our Youth Facebook Page.

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Kid Zone


Our mission in Kidzone is to inspire and grow the faith in our kids.

Kidzone is a friendly, fun, faith-filled program where kids learn about what it means to love God from the inside out. 

Kidzone is available for Ages 3 to Grade 6 and runs during our Sunday Morning Worship service. Kids will start in the sanctuary with their parents and will be dismissed for Kidzone on our lower level.

If you have any questions, please contact our office!

Care & Share

care + share

On a highly-anticipated Saturday morning each spring, we invite our community to shop for free, gently-used clothing for their families. We receive donations of clothing from other churches and individuals with which to bless our neighbours. Any items that are not taken are donated to other charities so that the blessing continues in our city. 

The next Care and Share will be in 2024.

Global Ministries

Global Ministries

At Life Baptist, we believe it is important, in light of Jesus’ Great Commission, for us to support missions both locally and globally, so that others can hear about Christ and “experience Christ” in their communities, as well.

We are committed to assist several individuals and families in their ministry through prayer – both regularly (or weekly) and when there is an emergent need, notes of encouragement and regular (maybe also budgeted) financial support.

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